Sporting Edinburgh (written in media as Sporting SCO) is a Scottish professional football club who is in the recently created FIFA Master League system, a 4-tier league of clubs from every continent, currently in their second season.

Creation Edit

Sporting Edinburgh was created as a way to promote Scottish football by having a state-of-the-art pitch and state-of-the-art facilities.

First Season Edit

The first season of Sporting Edinburgh started off badly. The team was created solely out of free transfers and homegrown youth. The club's aim was to avoid a bottom finish, and out of 24 teams, and they were averaging 20th place. Nuno Diogo, Leftereis Sakellariou and Anestis Argyriou were brought in to harden the defence. Instantly the club started to do well, beating 1st placed Fiorentina and drawing with 2nd placed Genk.

Later years Edit

Full Squad Edit

GK- Lukasz Fabianski

GK- Craig Gordon

GK- Suleyman Sanoh

D(RLC)- Nacho (on loan from Real Madrid)

D(RLC)- Elias Blind

D(RL)- Ryan Rodgers

D(RLC, WB(RL)- Colin King

D(C)- Artem Radzkov

D(C)- Andrew Charlery

D(C), DM-Noah Ojuola

D/WB(R)- Anestis Argyriou

D/WB (L)- Lefteris Sakellariou

DM- Cassio

DM, M(C)- Mario Piccinocchi

DM, M/AM(C)- Harmeet Singh

M(RC)- Dean Parrett

M(RLC), AM(C)- Ross Ramsay

M(RLC), AM(C), ST- Lewis Brown

M(LC, AM(C)- Martin Woods

M/AM(RLC), ST- Josh McKay

M/AM(C)- Andrea Mira

M/AM(C), ST(C)- Raphael Aguiar

AM(RLC), ST(C)- De Luca

AM(L), ST(C)- Derek Riordan

AM(C)- Cho Chan-ho

AM(C), ST(C)- Jack Harker

U21s Edit

Numbers = potential

D(C)- Stephen Jordan (1)

D(L)- Thimothee Rubin (4)

D(C)- Illya Chargazia (4)

D(C)- Vladyslav Gershman (4.5)

D(C)- Sean Gillespie (4)

D(L)- Domenico Bronzi (4.5)

D(R)- Dougie Moyes(4.5)

M(C)- Dmytro Lysogor (3.5)

AM(R)- Stephen Taylor (4.5)

AM(L)- Blair Spittal (3.5)

AM(L)- Nicky Redford (1)

ST(C)- Josh Black (5)

ST(C)- Ross Robertson (0.5)

ST(C)- Tom Williams (0.5)

ST(C)- Kevin Mackenzie (4)

ST(C)- Kevin Drummond (3.5)

On Loan

D(C)- Yado Mambo- Motherwell

Internationalists Edit

Colin King- Scotland U21

Josh McKay- Scotland U21

De Luca- Scotland U21

Elias Blind- Scotland U21

Ross Ramsay- Scotland U19

Lewis Brown- Scotland U19

Ryan Rodgers- Scotland U19

Noah Ojuola- Nigeria U19

Suleyman Sanoh- Netherlands U19

Artem Radzkov- Belarus

Honours Edit

2014/15 FIFA Apprentice Divison 2 promotion